Information Update

by juliusmsanz

I wanted to drop by yesterday but did not have the time, so I come here today to first let you know that I’m not dead or missing. I’m still very much alive and the lack of consistency and posting is due to the difficulties inherent to writing and revising a book.

Truth be told, and while things could have been much better, it seems that I’m moving at the right pace and the date of December 10 is a reality.

When I wrote before I didn’t have to tie myself down to deadlines and adjusting to that has been taking some sort of effect. I rather do things in a rush, but I know that if I intend to set this thing up for sale I need to ponder and make an effective schedule.

I love to make schedules but it appears I also love to skip them entirely.

Now it shall not be the case, nor in subsequent releases.

So what do I have to say about this whole process?

First of all it has been a big challenge, but I feel that I’ve wasted too much time dealing with unnecessary things. Had I not wasted this much time I think the whole book would have been completed sooner. I believe it’s all about getting adjusted to the schedule and the grinding hours of writing and revising. I’m going for a novella format in this compilation, but it’s not impossible to get 40,000 words written and revised within a month, provided you write at a fairly decent pace and keep that pace over the course of an entire month.

Once I get this out of the way I plan on pushing myself harder and get yet another one done, with better quality, because I know a writer can only improve over time.

Writing short stories and flash fiction is easier and the revising is also easier. Going through 40,000 words is tough, 1500 is not so bad, and like I said before it keeps my mind fresh. You will not have to worry about writing style changes midway through revisions and can maintain the flow of the story without any problems. Another good thing is that you can use different styles and experiment with various stories. I do not regret trying this out and feel that I’ve learned a lot throughout this month.

Hope you liked this small update, see you all again tomorrow!