Facing the numbers

by juliusmsanz

I feel a bit torn writing this post. I think I might become too aggressive, and I don’t want that, especially now when things are going good for me. I don’t like to complain, I know I complain about certain things here, but in general it’s something I just don’t do. Plus I think people just like to complain and make their lives miserable when they have no reason to do such things.

I’ll tell you what I love: I love being free. To be free is to do something you love and take responsibilities for the things you do. Writing is freedom, and living the life the way I want to is also freedom. I’m not completely free yet, there are still a couple of things missing, but I’m getting there slowly.

Am I happy? In the midst of all the chaos that surrounds my life I can say yes, I am happy right now.

Now before I completely forget the purpose of this post I bring you some numbers. Now I know that these numbers mean nothing if you aren’t really looking for them, I’ll be honest, for me it really isn’t about the numbers, it’s more about the liberty and the ability to get it done. Let me know which you prefer.

Getting 70% or getting under 20%

Now I’m going to speak against myself here. I’d trade those 70% in a heartbeat if they gave me a little bit more stability, gave me a bit more security. Those 70% can end up being less than 1% when all is said and done and you count everything you have.

On one side of the scale you can always submit what you want, on the other side you’ll have to rely on others and never know if what you’ve done will see the light of day.

Which one would you choose?