Flash Fiction – 1

by juliusmsanz

So here comes one of the stories I wrote, hope you all enjoy it, let me know what you thought of it in the comments. Like I said before, tomorrow I’ll dissect this story and let you know how everything came to be.

The Meal

Miguel Sanchez sat down at the table and stood still for a few seconds with his eyes closed. It had been a long time since he had a meal in complete silence. Opening them slowly showed him a nice grilled carp filled with herbs, which brought a flavorful aroma to the entire living room. That scent made him feel as if he himself had fished it, like in the old days, when he had to fetch his own meals for him and the rest of his family. It had been a true shame that it had been that chef’s last meal for him, but all things come to an end eventually.

That silence seemed to affect the lighting too, as the room shone brighter thanks to that candelabrum that he rarely used, a gift from another president a few years back. The way every crystal sparkled in the ceiling had him smile with satisfaction; that and other things. No longer would his wife bore him or anger him and no longer would his children embarrass him. They had been gone for over a week, soon after it began. It was nothing surprising and he knew they would act in such a way.

He enjoyed the quiet because with the fork he not only felt the crispness of the skin of that blackened fish, he managed to hear it too. After pouring the finest of the white wines, a rich and powerful flavor to accompany the fish, he took the first bite and closed his eyes again. He could feel textures he had long forgotten, flavors he thought didn’t exist, and the power that fish transmitted, that power he had not felt in so many years. Next came a bit of wine to accompany the fish and he could feel the freshness going down his throat.

He took a long look across the room. The large table no longer had the silver trinkets, or the rest of the silverware for that matter, but the room still felt rich, with the many portraits and paintings of those who had preceded him. The looks on the faces seemed to differ with every dinner he had. In one of the corners, next to a window, stood the orchid the wife loved for years, but abandoned in seconds. The old furniture remained, the kind that is not made in these days and is heavily worked, and portrayed flowers and fishes. He had had the good fortune of living in a place where people had good taste.

Then he remembered how in one of his first days he had lost his deformed coin in that very room, he could not find it no matter where he looked. After cleaning his mouth he got up and remembered that he had been standing close to the antique chair next to the window, looking at that line of horizon, where the sun shone bright red rising to answer his duty. How long had that been? Maybe more than fifteen years.

Crouching he realized the wooden floor had a crack in it, curious thing to notice after all that time. Grabbing a knife from the table, he could not understand how the last servant had set the table for more than one, he reached to touch a metallic object. After a bit of effort he had collected the old coin he thought gave him luck. With a chuckle he went back to the table, trying to remember when he had first gotten it. He took another chunk from the fish and chewed it down carefully. Maybe it had been with him after he went to buy milk that day, forty years ago, when his mother was sick and he had to do all the shores.

Looking up, towards the decorated ceiling he smiled. Outside the presidential palace the size of the crowd grew larger and larger, very soon they would break in and finally depose the tyrant.

Again, hope you enjoyed it.

Have a great day!