Flash Fiction Analysis

by juliusmsanz

So now comes the time to discuss a little bit this flash fiction.

For a long time I wanted to write a story that was centered on a meal. How to develop one? How to make it interesting?

First of all the meal itself had to be important, and to do this we have the character have what will probably be his last meal. The reader doesn’t know this at first, but hints are given that something is not quite right in the scenario. How do you write about a meal? You can name all the ingredients, but that means nothing if you can’t create an impression on the reader, that’s when you have to appeal to all scences, not just sight, but smell and taste. If you show how the character is feeling throughout the meal you can evoke some of this. But it doesn’t end here, we have to have the meal hold some significance to the character, relate it to his past and contrast it to his present. When you’re doing that you’re fleshing out the character a little bit as the meal goes on and make the reader relate to him just a little bit.

Next came the twist I wanted to give to the story. You have this character enjoying his meal and you show him as a normal guy, not evil, not entirely good either, but you only know why certain things were mentioned in the end. The fact that he was a tyrant contrasts with some of the previous good deeds he did, with some of the hardships he faced. I wanted to create a bit of simpathy and take it all away in the end, wrecking some conceptions that had been created. The character was living in luxury, he worked for it, but you never know how, just assume how things played out.

I also wanted to give something and showcase where the character was, how he lived, so the living room was created to fit the scenario, every little thing mentioned served to display where the character lived, how he enjoyed or not certain things.

Why the coin? Again for contrast. Notice how the character smiles as he remembers his past, probably a desire to return to earlier days, or even as some sort of resignation to his fate.

This was all about misconceptions and resignation, as his fate had already been decided.

Hope you enjoyed my explanation, if you want me to be more detailed or wish for a different format let me know. Tomorrow I bring you yet another flash fiction or short story. Stay tuned!

Have a nice day!