Enter the New Year – Writing Smarter

by juliusmsanz

After a bit of a break I log in to get a message that today marks one year since I’ve began to use WordPress, my first post was on January 5th, and my oh my it has been close to a year since I wrote my very first post.

As I’ve been having some computer problems I just came to inform you that the short stories are going to take probably a day or two, at least that is what I hope. I’ve also been planning a novel, and I wanted to discuss this bit with you as I’ve hardly been talking about actual writing these past couple of months.

I came up with what I thought was a pretty good idea, but that idea lasts only about three chapters. The thing is, most people get put off by writing because of things like these. I didn’t let those three chapters worry me, instead I focused on having those three chapters introduce the overall story. Next thing I did was also simple: you create character arcs. If you create character arcs and intertwine them with the overall story you end up having plenty of chapters and material to work with.

All of this is due to brainstorm my friends, you work with multiple things at once and can get some interesting results.

I’m afraid this post is going to have to be cut short, puppy has been giving me the signs.

I’ll talk more about this tomorrow and maybe throw in a haiku and a story.

Have a nice day!