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A Haiku

To celebrate the first year anniversary of my first post I decided to give it another go and write up a Haiku.

Her hair flew as the

Wind raced from behind and smiled.

What a nice morning.


The last Haiku of the year

I know there’s still quite a few days until the year ends, but I think it’s safe to say that this is probably the last Haiku I’ll write this year.

Another year ends.

Experienced marvelous

Things. Want more next year.

Haiku – 46

This Haiku is a little cunning, it’s not meant to depress but to inspire.

Diamonds in the rough.

That’s how we start our

Miserable lives.

Have a nice day!

Haiku – 45

A simple haiku, just something that came to me in the moment.


Floating butterfly

Wondering throughout the woods,

Enjoying its life.

Haiku – 44

So I just noticed I haven’t been haging around here much, time for double post today. First of all comes a Haiku about what I’m feeling regarding what I’m writing.


Big white elephant

Will someone take you away?

I wonder, sleepless.

Haiku – 43

I can’t believe this is haiku number 43, some of these will be featured in my compilation for sure. I know some are a bit lackluster, but there were also quite a few where I felt like I was doing something pretty good.

The real battle is

When you truly have nothing

To lose. Fight to live.

Haiku – 42

Without any further delay I bring you yet another haiku today, this one related to writing and the process.


One simple book, one

Thousand ideas, millions

of brief thoughts. Talent.

Talent is overrated to be honest, hard work is much better, but it doesn’t fit in the haiku ahah.

Have a great day!

Haiku – 41

As I’m still pressed for time due to my relative being in the hospital I again apologize as this post is short. Hopefully tomorrow all will be better. So here’s to dogs, seeing pictures earlier today inspired me.


The most common pet.

Unquestionable is the

Bond he forms with you.

By the way I’m still waiting on your opinion regarding my choice of cover in this post, anything will be helpful.

Have a great day!

Haiku – 40

Ten more and I hit a milestone of sorts. This haiku deals in part with what I’m writing. So yes, this is another clue.


In that dark alley

You can feel the deep despair

Across his grim eyes.

Have a great day!

Haiku – 39

First and foremost let me tell you that the writing challenge I set for myself failed big time. 6,000 were the most I managed to get out today. I’ve got a couple of valid reasons for it, not that they matter but I’ll give them nevertheless: heavy and painful migraine, and puppy. Yeah puppy takes some of the blame for being such a spoilt brat.

And now a haiku that is heavily related to my inspiration for this book.


Five compelling and

Skillful masters of writing.

They give me much strength.

Who are those five? Maybe I’ll tell you tomorrow if you wish to know.

Have a great day!