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Happy New Year

I wish you all a happy 2015, may it be full of success, love and happiness.

See you again next year.



A Year in Review

Hello again everybody!

Holiday season is still underway but I figure this is probably the best time for me to reflect upon my first year blogging.

First of all I want to thank everybody that has been following, liking and commenting on my posts, it has been a big boost for my ego and manages to keep me going strong. I won’t name any names, I think that would be unfair, but some people were indeed an inspiration and I loved reading some of the things they wrote.

This experience has been both fun and challenging as I got completely overwhelmed sometimes and in other occasions I just had some health setbacks. It was my first time blogging and although the first birthday is only January 6th (that day is going to be special) I think I can consider this a success. It changed a couple of my views on books and people, I read some amazing poetry and loved to share the very little I know.

As of late I have been releasing some short stories and I think I’ll make it last a while longer, my creative juices have been flowing nicely and short stories are going to be a nice break from the novel I’m starting to work on.

I want to keep pushing forward, I want to give you more information and I want all of us to have fun!

My initial goal way back in January was to write a post per day, I don’t know if that is going to happen next year, but I’ll try to keep things fresh and interesting.

Again, thank you all for the experience, it’s been a blast!

Merry Christmas


As I know I won’t be around here for a couple of days I want to take this moment and wish you all a Merry Christmas, may you enjoy these days with family and friends and be happy!

Haiku – 38

Another big clue surrounding my story, and this one might be the last for this week. And I also want to share a song that’s been on my mind as of late.


Big Winter Voyage.

Surrounded by wilderness,

Searching for the truth.

And now the song, I like this one alot:

Sorry for the minimalist post, but this is all I can give you today, tomorrow writing will be the main topic as I have a couple of interesting thoughts I wish to share with you.

Have a great day!

All-Star Week is over

And so it ends without another update, but there is a reason for my madness: each week I’m going to release a new chapter of that short story about the man in the train station. I figure that will be a way to keep my sanity as I keep on working like a raving lunatic this month to get my story done.

But that’s not the only thing I’m going to give you throughout the month, I intend to showcase more about covers and maybe some art and obviously some previews regarding what my story will be about.

For now I cannot tell you more, other than this is going to be a serious challenge and a big roller-coaster.

So what’s new?

In my world nothing much, I’ve been watching movies, reading, doing some research and generally getting myself pumped. So today I’m going to give you a list of movies I recently saw again, movies that are just pretty awesome overall. I’m not a big fan of action these days, more about personal relationships, personal dramas and more. So here’s the list:

  • Butterflies are Free
  • Rebel Without a Cause
  • Splendor in the Grass
  • Roman Holiday

You know, if someone told me 20 years ago that this would be the type of films that interest me the most, I would have laughed at you pretty hard, but damn are these films worthy of watching at least a couple of times.

Something that has been interesting me more and more are also movies with a small cast; that let’s character development and character interaction flourish like crazy, and that is every writer’s dream.

Until tomorrow my friends, have a great day!

A little review?

After 3 days of absence, and I didn’t wish to leave you 3 days without my posts, I come to talk a bit about some political books.

No, I’m not a conspiracy nut.

The three books are: Watership Down, 1984 and Animal Farm.

What do they talk about: politics mostly, and brutality and the ever watching Big Brother. And one fact that remains true is this: all of it is still happening today. We all live in a world that watches our every move whether we like it or not.

It’s interesting to see the representations of these dystopias.

Out of all three I think that 1984 holds the biggest appeal and the most interesting plot. When we think about pigs, farm animals and rabbits it’s easy to forget about how these things happened all around the world, and still are to some degree. But 1984 tells it like it is. And not only that, it shows us how it is done. 1984 isn’t afraid to smack you around and make you think after a while. It raises valid questions:

What are the governments hiding from us?

Are we being sheep with our passive attitude?

Look at the case of China. A couple of years ago I saw a documentary concerning what happened 20 years after the massacre of Tiananmen Square. Nobody talks about it, most youngsters don’t even know what happened, police surveillance stops investigations. So this generation of chinese don’t have a clue about the repression that their government committed. They were brainwashed completely.

We tend to look only at the cases of the oppressive regimes, but I’m sure people are made to forget events and people and dates everywhere in the world. Give it time, give it some falsification, stick those lies in education and in a few years’ time everything is forgotten. History is written by the winners after all.

The passive and consumerist population will accept everything eventually.

Such thing was portrayed in 1984, some situations actually made me laugh. Big Brother might not exist in the way it was portrayed in the story, but I honestly think it exists, through certain actions, through certain policies… it is there my friends.

Now back to the books: they are all great and I highly recommend them. There’s really no way to describe them and to review them properly, nor do I feel like writing some long descriptions and reviews. I know, I know, I’m a lazy bastard.

Have a great day!

Just relaxing

Today I’m going to take the easy way out and just leave you with a song. It sure brings back some peaceful, happy memories.

Relax, enjoy and have a great day!

Soothe your life

Just yesterday I had the chance to listen again to this:

Many thanks to who made the video.

Rewatching Dead Like Me has been so far a truly great experience and this song just managed to make everything much more enjoyable. Sometimes you just need to take a moment from your life and enjoy the little things, this is the effect that the music has produced in me and I feel that today’s post should be just this.

Sorry if you were expecting something related to writing, it will come tomorrow.

Have a great day!

Just a big fail

Believe it or not this post got reduced to nothingness because of a misclick and an automatic save that should not have happened.

And I’m sorry but I’m drained today and really don’t feel like writing again. I won’t even spell check this. It concerned asking the right questions and investigating why one work was sucessful and applying critical thinking to truly figure out if you should stick to conventions or go forth and be unique. Many people think a work is good just because of a few famous reviewers for example.

Tomorrow I’ll write about certains misconceptions that new writers usually concieve.

Again, many apologies, I’ll give you something good tomorrow.

Have a great one!

I’m back!

So here I am, after over two months of absence.

How have you all been doing?

Some things happened over these couple of months; I got a new lab puppy, I found out that my neck, which was giving me tons of troubles, was in pretty bad shape and had to do some therapy to relieve some of the pain. I also defined new life goals, quit doing voluntary work in that organization that was screwing me over, turned into a minimalist and much, much more.

I’m not going to write about writing in this post, although I’m gunning for a release by some time next month. This post I’m going to talk about some crap I’ve read a couple of days ago.

As I kept getting more and more into minimalism I bumped into a site written by a guy whose name I won’t mention that had some hateful views on women. I’m all about cutting expenses and increasing my happiness, I’m all about knowing that some things we use are pretty pointless and how we could eat better for less and all that.

What I’m not about is saying that a good wife is one that can cook and should stick to the kitchen. I think that as a species we have evolved beyond those draconian thoughts. I’m not going to spew what I think a good wife is, each has his preferences, the same goes for women and what they think a good husband or a man is. Some people value material possessions, others value status, that’s ok, go for what you think is best and make sure you don’t regret it.

Just don’t try to influence others with that sort of information and that sort of alpha mentality. Writing is a dangerous thing, we never know how it is going to influence others. So when I see some of that crap I go: damn, here we go again, plenty of people agreeing without taking a moment to think. And it was such a shame because in other points he raised some interesting questions.

And then he talks about quitting your job.

Quit your job without any plan and see what happens you idiot.

While it is true that jobs are risky and you can get fired in any moment, they still provide better financial security than trying to make some money out of the internet. Let’s imagine every single person followed that train of thought.

What about food?

What about furniture and houses?

What about tools, and things you actually need for your every day activities?

Don’t quit if you don’t have any plan to get back on track. While I approve of trying to get some extra income, you should be careful and also take advantage of your free time. Why would you need to get another job? Do something you love. If it gets you something extra then that’s a plus, if not then it’s ok. But don’t forget to work, it’s important.

Enough with this rant. I’m back and tomorrow expect me to be more on topic.

Have a great day!